Jigsaw Tile Puzzle

A Puzzle game to relax and enjoy

Tile Puzzle
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Gear up for fun and exciting picture memory jigsaw puzzle gaming action with this expressive and calming sliding puzzle.

Train your brain to identify the right position of jigsaw puzzle pieces and reveal the actual image from the picture mess with this exciting picture puzzle game.

No-Nonsense, Calming Sliding Puzzle

No need to deal with the complexities. Relax your mind and disentangle your worries as you enjoy the calming, sliding puzzle game. All you need to do is touch and swipe the tiles in right, left, up or down direction to arrange the picture blocks. Reveal the actual picture and earn coins. Use the coins to unlock new challenging levels from different image puzzle categories available in this app.

Multiple Picture Puzzle Block Sets

Do you like to take on new challenges and sharpen your mind? In this Picture Puzzle Game, you can play with multiple kinds of picture puzzle sets. Whether you want to play 3x3 tile puzzle or 4x4 tile puzzle or 5x5 tile puzzle, you can play them all in a single Picture Tile Puzzle Game.

Multiple Image Puzzle Categories

Never get bored of high-quality picture puzzle gaming. The new jigsaw puzzle game offers many new categories such as beach, bike, bird, butterfly, cake, cat, castle, dogs, babies, airplane and more!

Challenge Your Brain Endlessly

Want to take on new jigsaw puzzle challenges? Solve photo memory puzzle levels endlessly. Use the coins to unlock new images in every puzzle category. Track your progress and time taken in the form of number of moves and seconds displayed on the game screen. You can also redo a move or use the bulb icon to get a hint on how to solve tough levels.

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